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About Us

The Al Dar Capital Group – an international investment group which offers its clients a wide range of alternative profitable and dependable investment products.


The principal investment strategy of the Al Dar Capital Group is the asset allocation of individual, corporate and institutional investors, primarily from countries of the Arabian Gulf, but also European, Asian and American investors on emerging markets. At present, the priority investment areas are the markets of the countries in the GCC region (Gulf Co-operation Council), the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa), the Asian region (India, China and South-East Asia) and, also, Latin America. Today, the Al Dar Capital Group is one of the most successful international investment companies operating in the GCC region and in the Middle East.


One of the most important business lines of the Al Dar Capital Group is the identification and development of initiatives offering first-class investment opportunities and accelerate economic growth in emerging market regions. At the heart of this business line is the implementation by the Al Dar Capital Group of highly profitable industrial and infrastructure projects currently valued at approximately US$ 25 billion.


The Al Dar Capital Group employs a unique business model, which enables it to consistently be a winner on the market, bringing a regular and high rate of return to its shareholders and investors. This was confirmed by the outstanding success of the recent investment projects of the Al Dar Capital Group, which made 63% per annum. Our clients from various countries highly rate the opportunities of the Al Dar Capital Group to place investments and they are continuing to show faith in our unique abilities to obtain a maximum return on the invested capital. The Al Dar Capital Group currently has approximately US$ 12 billion in invested assets under management.


The business philosophy of the Al Dar Capital Group is based on the concept of the development of industry, infrastructure and related initiatives, which have huge potential within the emerging economic systems of the GCC, MENA and Asian region. Recently, based on those principles, we have concentrated on emerging markets in Latin America. Investment product specialists of the Al Dar Capital Group constantly analyze a wide variety of potential opportunities, devoting many thousands of hours of due diligence, in order, to be sure that any our initiative will bring the maximum possible return to our shareholders and investors.


Our ability to offer our clients a wide range of investment opportunities, at differing levels of risk and return, guarantees the success of the Al Dar Capital Group and its competitiveness on the investment market.


The Al Dar Capital Group employs a very considered approach to investment management, based on six different lines of business:

The success of our business is been maintained as a result of the unique opportunities available to the Al Dar Capital Group in six countries which are members of the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC), where we offer a high level of personal service, and also keep close personal ties with our private and institutional investors and governmental institutions. Our business is based on the dynamics of the fast growth of investor assets in the Arabian Gulf and proposals from the alternative investment industry, who are united by un-matched international experience in investment management.


The Al Dar Capital Group was created as and remains an international investment company whose keystone is the global way in which it envisages its prospects and operational structures. The Al Dar Capital Group is managed from four financial centers: London, Zurich, Dubai and Hong Kong.

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