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The Al Dar Capital Group, which offers its clients a wide spectrum of alternative investment opportunities, was founded to ease the flow of capital from the Arabian Gulf region to emerging markets with a high potential for growth and returns in excess of traditional asset classes. Since its creation, the Al Dar Capital Group has focused on the development of solid relationships with top-tier individuals and prime institutions in the six Gulf Co-operation Council countries of the Arabian Gulf, who have the specific need for international alternative investment products. The states of the Arabian Gulf: Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and the United Arab Emirates generate large annual surplus funds, and alternative investment products represent a growing proportion of their investable assets, reflecting international tendencies.


Our commitment to satisfying the needs of such clients has led the Al Dar Capital Group to developing its wide range of alternative investment opportunities, which are accessible today through six lines of business. These diversified investment products are offered at different levels of risk, return and liquidity, contributing to a portfolio of offerings that cover the majority of the alternative asset classes:

  • Industrial & Infrastructure Projects in the GCC and MENA regions, the Asian region and Latin America offer investment opportunities with a high potential for growth.
  • Private Equity investment offers the opportunity to make investments with the potential for attractive capital gain in the medium term.
  • Hedge Funds, principally on a fund of fund basis, offer further diversification to clients who prefer a more liquid form of investment.
  • Venture Capital investment offers the opportunity to make venture capital investments into various business lines including industrial, technological and financial sectors.
  • Real Estate Investment offers clients an investment opportunity with strong cash flows, as well as potential for attractive capital gain.
  • Loans & Leasing: the financing of business projects of any kind in emerging regions offers an investment opportunity for stable capital gain in the medium or long term.

Our current outstanding performance results were made possible due to the fact that we constantly analyze our business strategy, our ability to appraise market prospects and react fast to the needs of our clients. The success of the Al Dar Capital Group can be attributed to the simultaneous identification and implementation of multiple investment initiatives, such as private equity, hedge funds, venture capital, real estate investments and wealth management opportunities within fast emerging economies.


Currently, the Al Dar Capital Group is on the edge of a new period of growth, based on:

- the development of the principal area of focus of the business: industrial and infrastructure projects on emerging markets, by expanding the funding models;

- the identification of profitable opportunities for own principal investments;

- building its other lines of business around world class private equity specialists, hedge fund managers and investment bankers.


In the short term, the Al Dar Capital Group will unveil more industrial and infrastructure projects in countries outside the GCC and MENA, and also continue to introduce more diversity into the funding model for large industrial and infrastructure projects. One of our main objectives when structuring such projects is to remove, mitigate or transfer market risk wherever possible in order to avoid or lessen the impact of various changes in markets.

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