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In collaboration with national governments and private capital, the Al Dar Capital Group strives to make a positive contribution to the socio-economic development of emerging markets in the GCC, MENA, Asian and Latin American regions. We have been focusing our efforts on developing and implementing large-scale investment projects that are destined to play an important role in changing the economic landscape of emerging markets. The Al Dar Capital Group currently participates in various regional-scale industrial and infrastructure-oriented projects, with an aggregate valuation of approximately US$ 25 billion.

The investment project management team, based in Dubai and Hong Kong, is fully integrated within the corporate management structure of the Al Dar Capital Group. In actualizing investments for greenfield projects in emerging markets, our highly qualified professionals combine an entrepreneurial approach with top-notch expertise in regional development, the result of which is an impressive investment income following the project’s realization.

Apart from substantial international experience, the investment project specialists of the Al Dar Capital Group possess in-depth knowledge of the regional characteristics of emerging markets and, above all, of the GCC region. This became possible through the Al Dar Capital Group’s active involvement in the unprecedented economic transformation the countries of the Arabian Gulf region are undergoing today. The reasons for such change are high revenues from oil production, the introduction of targeted programs aimed at diversifying the economy, and a favorable demographic situation in the region. These large-scale economic changes, accompanied by the development and increasing liberalization of the surrounding business environment, provide our shareholders and investors with extraordinary capital growth opportunities.

In the near future, the Al Dar Capital Group will additionally invest significant amounts of assets in realizing various industrial and infrastructure-related projects, mainly in the Arabian Gulf region, as well as in the broader Middle East, North Africa and Asian regions.

The Al Dar Capital Group’s investment resources are primarily focused on projects in the following industries:
- oil/gas production and processing, as well as intermediate and secondary industries;
- mining, metallurgy, the chemical industry, and energy;
- infrastructure-oriented projects;
- construction and the production of building materials;
- companies in the service sector.

The Al Dar Capital Group’s main investment assertion is that economic reforms carried out in countries with emerging economies provide experienced investors the opportunity to establish the “higher-value” of an enterprise through implementing major industrial and infrastructure projects requiring the introduction and use of sophisticated technologies and management.

As an experienced international investor, the Al Dar Capital Group sees its key role in its ability to amalgamate local market opportunities with global expertise, thereby create leading-edge business enterprises in emerging markets.

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