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The basis for the growth and success of the Al Dar Capital Group on the investment market is the unique opportunities available to it to raise funds. This is a result of the unmatched personal service that we provide to our institutional and high-net-worth investors, and also as a result of our close cooperation with top governmental institutions in the six Gulf Co-operation Council countries of the Arabian Gulf: the Kingdom of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. The GCC region is one of the fastest growing wealth markets in the world, and today we can see that investors from the countries of the Arabian Gulf year in year out are experiencing growth of the capital invested through alternative investment products that we offer.


The managers of our investor relationship management team travel regularly to meet with our clients, maintaining personal contact with them in order to speedily inform them about the state and rate of growth of their investments, and also to see if they are interesting in new investment proposals. Investment product specialists of the Al Dar Capital Group, as part of their line of business, work in close cooperation with the investor relationship management team and when necessary are always present at meetings with relationship managers and clients.


Our alternative investment products are offered to European, Asian and American clients through our offices located in London, Zurich and Hong Kong, and to GCC clients through our special-purpose division in Dubai.


The active and personal relationships that we keep with more than 1000 clients in the GCC region enable us to be sure that we are always aware of the preferences of our investors and that we can speedily recognize their needs and react to changes in investment market conditions. Most of our investors become shareholders of the Al Dar Capital Group, and experience a feeling of pride and personal involvement in our success. Our long-term relations with investors in countries of the Arabian Gulf are one of the unique competitive advantages of the Al Dar Capital Group.


Despite our impressive successes in the GCC region, we are not settling for what we have achieved thus far and are constantly developing opportunities to raise funds from European, Asian and American investors. Our international investor relationship management team keeps regular contact with clients from various countries, demonstrating their commitment to innovative investment solutions with a high rate of return.

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