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Managerial skill. In our business activities we rely on the highest standards of investment product services and the thorough analyses of the market. We are continuously improving; supporting creative initiatives and the professional growth of our employees.


Commitment to the client. We adhere to the philosophy of partnership as the basis of cooperation with our clients. We strive to be a model of dependability and efficiency for everyone who works with us.


Integrity and confidentiality. We are sincere and honorable with our clients, employees, partners and competitors. We take every step to guarantee the highest level of confidentiality of information that we receive from our clients.


Social responsibility. We contribute to society by increasing its level of prosperity and well-being; we offer our clients first-rate economic opportunities, and also support environmental, educational, cultural and charitable programs.


There are more than 300 people, of different nationalities, working in the Al Dar Capital Group. They are united by common goals, shared cultures and values. Every employee of the Company adheres to the highest standards of professionalism, dedication and responsibility in his or her line of work. These qualities are further reinforced by the entrepreneurial spirit of our employees, their commitment to cooperation and their understanding of the values of comradeship and the stability of internal and external working relations.


The mission of the Al Dar Capital Group is to serve the interests of our shareholders and clients, whilst striving to become the best in the alternative investment management fields that we have chosen to work in.

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