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Based in London, Dubai and Hong Kong, the private equity team of the Al Dar Capital Group constitutes an active and selective investment manager, focusing on identifying attractive investment opportunities and arranging private equity investments that provide shareholders and clients above-average returns on investment.

Our private equity team, through the Al Dar Capital Group’s international network, identifies investment opportunities in medium-sized companies having capable managers and a good reputation, hold a strong market position in their respective economic industries, and have demonstrated short-term growth prospects. In general, the Al Dar Capital Group invests in companies with a total estimated value of US$ 100 million to US$ 800 million, operating in selected market segments and are based in the promising GCC, MENA, Asian and Latin America regions.

The Al Dar Capital Group’s focus on private equity investments in companies of this type is deliberate. This is a sector where the Al Dar Capital Group’s private equity operating model makes it possible to most effectively increase an enterprise’s value during our target three- to seven-year holding period by combining strategic, operational and financial skills. During this time, our private equity team actively works in partnership with a company’s management and, where appropriate, carries out organizational and financial reorganization and restructuring. Our private equity team additionally supports the company’s leadership in strengthening the business and provides access to the Al Dar Capital Group’s wide range of strategic, operational and financial resources. At the end of the estimated holding period, once our experts conclude that the task of improving the enterprise’s competitive position and increasing its value has been achieved, an exit is carefully planned and carried out through either a private sale or a public offering.

The private equity team of the Al Dar Capital Group strictly observes discipline in the investment process, carefully analyzing every opportunity that meets our investment criteria, evaluating the level of financial risk, and following through with only the most solidly compelling transactions. Our investment professionals also attract outside production experts and consultants to assist in the review of important industry and business due diligence areas. The private equity team of the Al Dar Capital Group consists of professionals from a variety of business disciplines, including finance, operations, consulting and information technology. Further, upon closing the investments, the private equity team holds responsibility for monitoring these companies’ portfolios and assists management in maximizing the value of each business.

The Al Dar Capital Group focuses on acquiring interests in unlisted or listed companies at prices lower than the anticipated value. Currently, our portfolio consists of several dozen corporate investments in a wide range of industries and markets, for a total amount of US$ 4 billion in acquisition value.

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