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The Al Dar Capital Group identifies and explores various investment opportunities, allowing investors to achieve a maximum level of return on invested capital, while maintaining a reasonable balance between risks and rewards.

In general, the Al Dar Capital Group offers its clients alternative investment products and innovative solutions with an emphasis on regional development in countries with fast-growing economies. The Al Dar Capital Group has focused its energies on developing corresponding regional benchmarks in relation to the risks of and opportunities for risk management, corporate governance, and its social responsibility, in order to protect the interests of its shareholders and investors and to create a well-diversified business portfolio by employing a wide range of investment products.

At present, the Company's core business is concentrated in the spheres of industrial and infrastructure-oriented projects implementation, where we act as an accelerator of economic growth within fast emerging GCC, MENA, Asian and Latin American economies. We plan to adhere to this geographic concentration, and we believe that more than half of our business will continue to focus on implementing investment projects aimed at developing industry and infrastructure in emerging markets. Apart from this, our efforts will focus on offering various investment products and financial services, such as Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, Real Estate Investment, Loans and LeasingAl Dar Capital Escrow, which fully meet the needs of our clients.

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